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All The (Totally Random) Stuff In This Year\'s $200K Oscar Goody Bags

All The (Totally Random) Stuff In This Year's $200K Oscar Goody Bags

The Debrief: Here's what $200K worth of random shit looks like, guys

You would think that being nominated for an Oscar or even just being invited to the event is a big enough buzz. No, the biggest buzz for each of the nominees (in the main categories only) is the extravagant goody bag that they each receive.

This year’s gift company Distinctive Assets have made up the luxury goody bags full of all weird and wonderful things. I mean what do you give somebody that already has everything money can buy? A very random selection of shit, is the answer. Or $200k's worth of shit, including 

  • A walking tour of Japan
  • 10-day first class trip to Israel
  • 3 private training sessions with a ‘celebrity wellness expert’ (because they don't have one of those already)
  • Unlimited Audi car rentals
  • Asupply of Lizora skin creams
  • Ultherapy - a laser skin tightening procedure
  • A ‘vampire’ breast lift
  • An Arouser sex toy.

Doesn’t sound to bad for some of Hollywood’s wealthiest for just making an effort to turn up to the Oscars this year. If nothing else, someone's assistant is going to get a *great* Christmas gift this year. 

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