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Adele Gets Nervy Poos Too

Adele Gets Nervy Poos Too

The Debrief: Cast your mind back to how you felt pre-GCSE exam. Yeah that.

Adele just gets better and better, doesn’t she? Speaking out in solidarity of Kesha at the Brits was nothing short of monumental and we know that it’s when she goes to the loo that she realises she’s Made It. She even had a quarter life crisis like the rest of us.

The similarities don’t end there (although they do end at her millions of pounds worth but there we go). You know that awful, sick feeling in your stomach when you’re anxious or nervous? The one that forces you to run to the nearest bathroom to get rid? Adele gets that too (she’s human, after all), but it's slightly different in the sense that well, she's a superstar, and she bloody told an entire arena of people about her over-zealous bowel movements.

Opening her world tour at Belfast’s SSE Arena on Monday, her first UK performance in nearly five years, in some of her first words to the crowd she let them know that her day had been far from relaxing. ‘I’ve been fucking shitting myself all day. Bad bowel movements. I’ve had to have an Imodium.’

Fair play, Adele. If she can talk about her nervy poos, on stage, let's reclaim ours. 

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