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Abz From 5ive\\\\\\\'s BRIT Award Is Currently Going For A Silly Amount Of Money

Abz From 5ive's BRIT Award Is Currently Going For A Silly Amount Of Money

The Debrief: 'Take advantage of my poverty and grab this rare opportunity to own a bit of pop history!!'

Did you know that your favourite early-noughties pop stars aren't generally millionaires living in St Tropez and sitting on thrones made out of platinum records?

Nope, if excellent TV show The Big Reunion's taught us one thing, it's that life post-boyband isn't actually as fruitful as our eight-year-old selves might once of imagined.

Take Abz Love from 5ive, for example (that's 'Abz' to you and me). The former member of the band responsible for excellent hits like If Ya' Gettin' Down and Everybody Get Up is selling his 2000 Brit award for 'Best Pop Newcomer' on eBay.

According to Abz. Who sounds as if he's still an excellent human being, the award is currently 'being used as a doorstop' and has 'has been dropped and knocked a few times.' He also reckons it might once have been held by Hollywood royalty Jason Statham. Although he can't confirm that.

The award is being sold as a 'conversation piece' – a relic to put an end to all awkward conversations when people come over to your house. Unless that person comes over to your house a lot; in which case they might be bored of talking about it after a few times of you bringing it up.

So what's Abz going to do with all his newfound money? (You might laugh, but bids are currently at over £1million). Well he's going to buy some topsoil and also maybe some garden tools. Because priorities.

Get in on the action and bid for Abz's Brit Award here.

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