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Aaron Carter Just Called Time On Your Youth

Aaron Carter Just Called Time On Your Youth

The Debrief: Because if he's ready to grow up then we all should be, right?

You know how in the old days when it rained all day in the summer holidays you’d spend your time indoors looking back on printed out photos and getting nostalgic about the good old days but you’d also watch music videos? Well, you might’ve spent a minute or two watching a video of Aaron Carter’s Crazy Little Party Girl, released in 1998.

If you somehow don’t know who Aaron is (younger millennials, we’re looking at you), he’s the brother of Backstreet Boys’ Nick Carter and a pop star in his own right. He also was part of a love triangle between Hilary Duff and Lindsay Lohan.

Later, him and Nick starred in a proto-Kardashians reality show that maybe shouldn’t have been filmed/shown not least because when him and Nick argued they almost snogged and that’s kind of homoerotic.

Anyway. Another thing we feel you might need/care to know is that Aaron once got engaged to Nick’s ex-girlfriend Kari Ann Peniche. But obvs didn’t last that long.

So what now for the now-debt-free singer, party boy, nostalgic throwback to when pop was all puffa jackets and curtain hairdos? Well, he’s drawn a line under his childhood, and thus all of ours, too. The 28-year-old tweeted last night, shortly before bed:

And if he’s saying that, what does it mean for us? If he’s smart enough to decide to grow up does that mean we all need to grow up? Or is it just a thinly veiled message to fellow pop-ster Louis Tomlinson upon news he’s going to be a dad? Regardless, a world where Aaron Carter’s got his shit together shows is a world very far from that of the late noughties, and we’re going to need some time to process this…

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