Bethan McGrath | Contributing Writer | Wednesday, 28 December 2016

9 Times Carrie Fisher Was Who We Want To Be On Twitter

The Debrief: Actress, writer, spokesperson and Twitter badass? We can't cope with this loss

Some celebrities on Twitter are, frankly, bloody boring. Their feed is filled with selfies, promotion for their new film/product/TV show, and you feel like what you’re seeing has been approved by a few dozen PR people. But that really wasn’t the case with Carrie Fisher. With dog pics and Princess Leia memes, she was really who we aspire to be on social media - witty, candid, and (in her own words) a sass factory.

Let’s compare with another social media influencer, Kylie Jenner, who used her platform of 19 million followers to generously share her 20 favourite selfies…of herself…pouting. Inspirational. 

So as well as being a writer, actress, mental health and drug addiction spokesperson, Carrie was also our queen of Twitter. Here are 9 times her Twitter game was on point.

1. When she was cooler than we’ll ever be

2. When she did NOT remain politically neutral

3. When she knew how to party (at 60)

4. When she got real about body shaming and beauty standards

5. When she fangirled over her own daughter 

6. When she brought her dog to an event and looked bloody fantastic 

7. When she was completely relatable

8. When she nailed selfies and casually mentioned that she has a bestselling book

9. When she bought her dog a Fendi collar because why not?

RIP Carrie, you’ll be missed.

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